Transforming Congregations
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A renewal ministry for the United Methodist Church

 We serve to equip the UMC and the Global  Methodist Church  

   in restoring relationships and human sexuality   

About Transforming Congregations

For nearly forty years, Transforming Congregations has served individual pastors, churches, and church leadership teams. We equip churches to continue to uphold Biblical and godly morality in the areas of relationships and human sexuality, despite intense pressure from both outside and inside the church to compromise God's call to holiness. However, we also equip pastors and their teams to minister to broken and hurting people within their churches who are struggling with these same issues, upholding Biblical morality but also serving, minstering to and loving these individuals in a loving and godly way, leading not only to individual healing but also a church culture of change and transformation.

Pastor's Corner

This area of our website is designed specifically to encourage Methodist pastors, both on a confidential and personal basis, but also equip pastors in their role as a leader and shepherd of their congregation. Confidential pastoral care is also available for you. For more information, please click here

Help For Those Struggling

If you are caught up in pornography, sexual addiction, unwanted same-sex attraction, gender dysphoria or unwanted transgender feelings, or other sexual and relational brokenness and are looking for confidential help, please click here

Friends & Family

If you have a child or loved one who is struggling in their identity or sexuality, and you don’t know where to turn, we understand you may be feeling urgency , discouragement and even desperation. For encouragement and Biblical resources, please click here

The Narrow Way

The Narrow Way is a collection of articles exploring some of the most challenging topics of our time, written from the standpoint of Jesus' admonition to choose "the narrow gate" which leads to life, rather than the wide path which leads to destruction. Please click here


Online Teachings for UMC Pastors & Lay People

 We also offer in-person conferences, teaching, preaching and contextual weekend ministry events. For more information, click and to access our online library click  here

How can we
serve you?

Our mission is to serve, equip and minister to the United Methodist Church, and the upcoming Global Methodist Church, to equip pastors and church leadership teams in restoring relationships and human sexuality. We have several different resources available. Please tell us how we can serve you.

Schedule a confidential call with Garry Ingraham

Here you can schedule a free, confidential call with Garry to get your questions answered and see how Transforming Congregations can best serve you.

Church leadership training  with Garry Ingraham

Garry Ingraham has individualized, church-specific training available for you and your leadership team. For more information, click here

Learn more about Transforming Congregations

TC has served the United Methodist Church for almost 40 years. Click here to learn more of our story and history with the UMC. 

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About Garry & Melissa Ingraham

Both Garry and Melissa come from a background of sexual brokenness, trauma and the pain of years of living away from Jesus.
But they both have incredible stories of redemption, transformation, and victory in Jesus Christ.

What leaders within the UMC have
to say about Transforming Congregations

Rev Branson Sheets

This man is indeed multi-talented and has a great story to share.  The thing that is so great about him is that he shares everything with such grace that the truth of the Bible is easy to receive.  What a resource for the Church!  


Rev Dr Craig Green

"Garry spoke in a way that profoundly impacted and challenged my church family- to be as honest and vulnerable in our preaching is Garry is."


Pastor Gene Maddox

"My purpose in having Garry come was to help our church know that we could maintain an orthodox belief as regards human sexuality, but love and reach out to the LGBT Community."


Reverend Rob Renfroe

"Garry does a magnificent job of presenting God's heart for broken people, and God's promises of redemption and transformation."


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We are here to help you. You can send us a general message on the contact form to the right, or if you would like to schedule a free, private and confidential phone call or Zoom session with Garry Ingraham, please click here

A renewal ministry for the United Methodist Church, and for the upcoming Global Methodist Church.

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